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Action Points How Often?
Create a website account to join the program. 5 One Time
Link your Social account for easier login in the future. 1 One Time per Social Site
Tell us a litte about yourself so that we can make sure you are getting the information and products that you need. 5 One Time
Vist our About Us page to learn more about what sets Pür Minerals apart. 5 One Time
Log into using your email address and password. 1 Once per Week
Every time you sign in socially, you get points. 1 Once per Week
Tell your friends about Pür Minerals products, by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 2 1 Product per Day
Every time you place an order on, you gain points for your purchase. Order Value Every Order
Have you seen our blog yet: Pür Palette? React to post and get points. 1 1 Reactions per Day
Comment on a blog post for points. Check out Pür Palette–if you haven’t already. 1 2 Comments per Day

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