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Lipgloss: Find the Best Lipgloss Color for Your Skin Tone

Use these lipgloss tips the next time you want to buy the best lipgloss shade to match your complexion

With so many lipgloss colors out there to choose from, it can be daunting to find the right lipgloss color to match your complexion.  Like any makeup staple, lipgloss is fun to have in many different shades; however using this guide can help you find a lipgloss color to best match your complexion.

Here is a basic guideline you can follow when selecting a lipgloss color. Try looking at the tone of your skin, then based on that you can find the best lipgloss color for your complexion.

  • Lipgloss for fair skin: Women with pale or fair skin should try using a pale pink or berry lipgloss shade like Pür Minerals’ Rose Opal, Iced Pearl or Pink Quartz from our Pout Plumping Lipgloss line.
  • Lipgloss for medium and olive skin: Those with a medium skin tone should try a lipgloss shade with beige or bronze undertones, like Pür Minerals’ Bronze Sassolite, Gold Quartz or Nealite Sunset Pout Plumping Lipgloss shades.
  • Lipgloss for dark skin tones: Women with darker skin should try lipgloss in tones like sheer red or mauve, like Pür Minerals’ Deep Amethyst or Rose Zircon Pout Plumping Lipgloss shades.

Now that you know what kind of lipgloss shades work best for your skin tone, you can select any lipgloss shade that falls under the suggested color palette, or mix and match to find a lipgloss color that you love. Some makeup experts suggest that a flattering lipgloss color will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. When you are on the hunt for lipgloss, make sure to test the shade to avoid purchasing one that looks great in the tube, but not so good once it’s applied.

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