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Try Oil Control Gel to Help Treat Oily, Problem Skin

Reduce Face Shine and a Greasy Complexion with Oil Control Gel from Pür Minerals

Forget alcohol-based astringents and desiccating benzoyl peroxide creams and switch to an oil control gel like Pür Minerals' Under Control Mattifying Gel. While the bulk of oil control gel formulas focus simply on drying up pores, Pür Minerals' unique oil control gel works with your skin to naturally regulate oil production without over-drying skin.

How Does Oil Control Gel Work?

As opposed to topical benzoyl peroxide creams and alcohol-based astringents, Pür Minerals oil control gel won't leave your skin flaky, irritated or dehydrated. Benzoyl peroxide and alcohol-based oil control products work by depleting the skin of all its natural moisture. However in the process, these topical oil control solutions actually prompt the skin's sebaceous glands to produce more natural oil in an attempt to reestablish moisture balance.

Through the use of an all-natural oil control gel like Under Control, however, you can effectively target excess oil production without leaving your skin parched and irritated. Our unique oil control gel utilizes Sebornormine, a clinically-tested oil-reducing material that cleanses the skin's surface of excess oil while keeping its natural moisture balance intact. The result of using our oil control gel is a more matte complexion with significantly reduced surface shine and pore size.

What's more, Under Control oil control gel leaves your skin primed for makeup application, meaning you spend less time prepping and more time enjoying your beautiful skin.

What Are the Benefits of Oil Control Gel?

Pür Minerals' Under Control oil control gel reduces oil production on the skin's surface using the clinically tested material Sebornormine.

Also containing Sebaryl FL LS, our oil control gel deep cleans pores and provides a mattifying astringent to regulate oil production.

Because Pür Minerals' oil control gel contains only purified all-natural ingredients, it dramatically reduces the risk of irritation and rebound excessive oil production.