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Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes with Mineral Makeup & Skin Care for All Skin Types

Find creams & treatments to effectively target & diminish dark circles

Do you want to reduce the look of dark circles? Read on for more information on what causes dark circles and how to help get rid of dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles

Contrary to popular belief, dark circles are not caused by lack of sleep. Rather, staying up too late can result in pale, washed out skin - a symptom of fatigue - which exacerbates skin discolorations like dark circles. Hence, it is skin’s paleness and not an insufficient amount of sleep that contributes to dark circles under eyes.  

To make matters worse, dark circles under eyes are more noticeable because the skin around the eyes is especially thin. The blue-black hemoglobin from broken down capillaries is more visible in the translucent skin under the eyes than on any other part of the body. So there you have it; oxidized hemoglobin and delicate skin are the perpetrators of dark circles.

Treating Dark Circles

A variety of makeup and skin care products can be used to treat dark circles and puffy eyes, but not all remedies for dark circles are safe for the sensitive skin under the eyes. Makeup products that use harsh chemicals can cause irritation and inflammation that makes dark circles and under eye puffiness even worse.

To safely combat dark circles, Pur Minerals offers an array of all-natural, chemical-free mineral makeup products that can be used on delicate under eye skin. Forget the tea bags and cucumbers, these non-irritating, oil-free mineral-based makeup and skin care products will effectively treat and conceal dark circles and skin discolorations.

Intensive Eye Treatment – This anti-aging under eye treatment dramatically reduces dark circles by preventing hemoglobin buildup that causes unsightly blue-black skin discoloration.

Colour Correcting Primer in Peach – Worn beneath foundation, this primer neutralizes the skin tone to minimize the appearance of dark circles, age spots, dark spots, and any other facial skin discoloration.

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup – The lightweight formula of this foundation, powder, concealer and SPF protection in one stays on all day to conceal dark circles and puffy eyes without irritating skin and clogging pores.

In addition to these tried and true treatments for dark circles, Pur Minerals offers a complete collection of eye makeup to beautify your eyes and cover dark circles. Like all Pur Minerals products, these eye shadows, pencils, mascaras and wrinkle treatments contain all-natural ingredients and can be used on all skin types and tones.