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Get a Professional Look with
Pure Makeup Tools & Brushes

Apply your pure makeup with pure makeup tools for a perfect pure makeup finish

Owning pure makeup tools like mineral makeup brushes is the first step to creating a flawless look. With just a few pure makeup tools added to your makeup bag, you can apply your pure makeup foundation, eye color, blush and lipstick with the confidence and the precision of a pro!

Read on to learn more about your pure makeup tools:

Pure Makeup Tool 1: The Chisel Makeup Brush
Use this mineral makeup brush to apply your pure makeup 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup SPF 15. With Pur Minerals’ 3D method, pure makeup application is easy. Simply Dip, Draw, Dust. Dip the makeup brush into the pure makeup foundation, draw circles in the lid and dust on to face in downward strokes for a flawless finish.

Pure Makeup Tool 2: The Powder Makeup Brush
This full pure makeup brush helps you to layer specialty powders over your 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup SPF 15. The Powder Makeup Brush can be used on both face and body when applying Mineral Glow, Mineral Light, Pür Radiance and Universal Marble Powder.

Pure Makeup Tool 3: The Utility Makeup Brush
There are harder to reach places on your face that might require a smaller brush to apply pure makeup – and that’s where the Utility Makeup Brush can help! By using this small makeup brush you will be able to effectively cover under-eye circles, broken capillaries or blemishes.

Pure Makeup Tool 4: The Covered Lip Makeup Brush
Application of Mineral Shea Butter Lipsticks and Pout Plumping Lip Glosses are easy with this professional Covered Lip Makeup Brush. Simply sweep it over your favorite color, replace the metal cap and pop it neatly into your purse or pocket!

Pure Makeup Tool 5: The Eyeliner Makeup Brush
Eyeliner can be difficult to apply, however with the angled effect created by the Eyeliner Makeup Brush is ideal for defining brows, blending mineral eye color and smudging eye color.

Find these and other pure makeup tools and mineral makeup brushes to achieve perfect makeup coverage at Pur Minerals.