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Mineral Skin Care Products from Pür Minerals
– the Mineral Beauty Pioneers.

Find out what the finest in mineral skin care technology can do for you.

Minerals are Mother Nature's answer to skin care. Because they are derived from all-natural sources, mineral skin care products work synergistically with the skin's natural physiology to deliver their desired effects. And not surprisingly, the purer the mineral skin care ingredients, the better the effect on the skin.

Pür Minerals mineral skin care products contain only the finest micronized minerals to leave your skin radiantly moist and silky smooth. Unlike many popular skin care brands, we never dilute our mineral skin care products with irritating chemicals or unnecessary fillers. Not only do diluted mineral skin care products lessen the desired effect, but irritating additives such as talc and chemical fragrances can actually do the skin more harm than good. Be sure to check out our full line of mineral skin care products at

Mineral Skin Care Moisturizers:

Mineral Moisture Infusion: This unique vitamin-enriched blend of soothing aloe, white lily and green tea actually pulls moisture directly from the air to quench thirsty skin. Use as a mask or any time skin is dry, tired or stressed.

Mineral Moisture Complex: Combat the signs of aging overnight with this moisturizing powerhouse, designed to increase collagen synthesis, strengthen the dermal matrix and provide essential antioxidant protection.

Pür Body Butter: This rich, super-hydrating botanical blend absorbs quickly to condition the skin and lock in moisture. Non-greasy and free of common irritants, use this all-over moisturizer on dry, cracked skin and stretch marks.

Mineral Skin Care Correcting Primers:

Colour Correcting Primer - Green: Offset facial redness and discoloration with this unique color correcting primer. Mask the visible signs of rosacea, acne and other skin imperfections and prime the skin for mineral makeup.

Colour Correcting Primer - Peach: Even skin tone and conceal under eye circles, age spots and dark spots with this delicate primer and create the perfect canvas for mineral makeup application.

Mineral Skin Care Makeup Cleansers:

Mineral Quick Clean: Effortlessly cleanse skin and remove makeup without water with this innovative mineral cleanser. Packed with nourishing aloe vera, soy protein and shea butter, this 3 oz. product is perfect for travel.

Mineral Melt: This all-natural makeup remover gently melts away even stubborn waterproof and long-lasting makeup formulas, all while cleansing pores, conditioning the skin and nourishing eye lashes.

Mineral Skin Care Facial Washes:

Revitalizing Facial Wash: This gentle mineral soufflé cleanses pores, hydrates and maintains proper pH balance to leave skin radiant and supple. Free of sodium laureth, this non-irritating product is perfect for all skin types.

Mineral Wash: This deep cleansing, pH balancing multi-purpose gel infuses the face, hair and body with a stimulating blend of minerals and botanicals. Non-irritating, Mineral Wash is gentle enough for the whole family.

Mineral Skin Care Acne/Oily Skin Treatment:

Under Control: A remarkable mattifying gel, Under Control regulates oil production to reduce facial shine and pore size while providing a more matte appearance to oily skin.

Mineral Skin Care Eye Treatment:

Re-Vital Eyes Serum: Reduce puffiness and inflammation around your eyes with this patented peptide treatment. Clinical studies have shown a 65% improvement in puffiness in just 28 days and a 70% improvement in inflammation after 56 days.

Intensive Eye Treatment: Minimize the appearance of unsightly under eye circles and crow's feet with this clinically tested anti-aging powerhouse. Utilizing the proprietary technology, this product has been proven to reduce inflammation and creasing by as much as 72%.

Mineral Eye Prep: This innovative, eye enhancing treatment not only improves skin tone and texture but also neutralizes lid color, priming the skin for shadow application.

Mineral Skin Care Lip Treatment:

Mineral Lip Revival: Instantly revive your lips with this mineral-rich lip volumizer. Containing three distinct non-irritating plumping agents, this hydrating lip treatment fills in lines and wrinkles around the mouth to instill a supple, more youthful appearance.

Pür Balm: Use this vitamin-rich quick fix balm on dry lips and skin and on stressed or damaged hair and cuticles to soothe, hydrate and condition back to health.