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Many mineral makeup brands claim to have the best mineral makeup products on the market today. But how many of these so-called best mineral makeup brands can actually back their claims with top industry awards?

Pur Minerals' best mineral makeup was recently honored with Shecky's "Beauty at Its Best" award, when our cornerstone mineral makeup product–4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup and foundation–received the award for best mineral makeup foundation.

Why Pur Minerals is the Best Mineral Makeup Brand

Combining the best natural ingredients with cutting-edge cosmetics technology, we've developed the best mineral makeup line for all women, all ages and all skin types. And by enhancing our best mineral makeup products with skin-nourishing shea butter and vitamin E, not only will your skin look its best–it will feel its best, too.

The Best Mineral Makeup Looks Natural

No matter what look you're going for, own it the best mineral makeup from Pur Minerals. Whereas conventional makeup products can appear artificial or painted on, our best mineral makeup products enhance your complexion naturally, putting the attention on you and not on your makeup.

The Best Mineral Makeup Won't Clog Pores

Only the best mineral makeup is free of irritating fragrances, harsh chemicals and pore-clogging oils. That's why Pur Minerals' best mineral makeup products contain only the finest micronized minerals to give you excellent coverage that works with your skin rather than on it.

Finding the Best Mineral Makeup for You

With all the mineral makeup options available, finding the best mineral makeup to create your signature look may seem a little daunting. Fortunately, Pur Minerals makes finding the best mineral makeup for you a breeze with our easy-to-browse collection of the award-winning powders and foundations, as well as the best mineral makeup available for eyes , lips and cheeks.