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New iPhone App - iPür Beauty

Help support the Go Red For Women®
movement, a social initiative designed to
empower women to take charge of their heart
health, with a free download of the iPür Beauty
iPhone app. Pür Minerals and Astral Brands will
be making a total minimum donation of $250,000.

Imagine being able to create a new look anywhere, any time. With the NEW iPür Beauty app, you can! Create exciting looks for your eyes, lips or give yourself a complete makeover right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Take a photo and create a new look—as it would appear on you–or choose a model from our image gallery and become a digital makeup artist. The possibilities are endless!

  • Take a photo, upload or use an image from our gallery to create new looks
  • Automatically recognize facial coordinates for product application
  • Interactively mix, match and intensify colours to create custom looks
  • Save favorite looks, share them via email or post them directly to your Facebook profile
  • Find nearby retail locations or shop online for the products to complete your look

Compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch with operating systems version 4.0.

App Store Link
Does it cost anything to use the iPür Beauty iPhone application?

No. The iPür Beauty iPhone application is FREE to download and use.

What devices will the iPür Beauty iPhone application work on?

The iPür Beauty iPhone application currently works on any iPhone or iPod Touch with operating system version 4.0. To determine your device’s O.S., connect the device to your computer and refer to the appropriate “Summary” page in iTunes, or go to the “Settings” area on the device itself.

How do I get the iPur Beauty iPhone application?

The iPür Beauty iPhone application is available by browsing the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also download it to your computer through the App Store in iTunes. In order to use the App Store, you must first upgrade to version 4.0 of the iPhone/iPod operating system and the latest version of iTunes.

Will Pür Minerals update the software or add new features to the iPur Beauty iPhone application?

Yes. We are actively working to expand the feature set of the iPhone application and will update the software periodically.

How do I save a makeover?

After completing your makeover, click the icon. Then press the "Save" button. You can access your makeover at any time by clicking the "Makeover" button on the home page, then "View Saved Photos".

How do I share my makeover?

There are two ways to share your makeover:

  • After completing your makeover, click the icon. Then press the "Share" button to email or share on Facebook.
  • Open your saved photos and click the "More" button. Then press the "Share" button to email or share on Facebook.
How does the "Adjust" function work?

Adjust allows you to change the placement of a product on your selected image. Simply drag the dots to change your desired placement. The "Hold Steady On/Off" button allows you to keep the image from moving while adjusting the coordinates.

How do I remove the iPür Beauty iPhone application from my iPhone?

To remove the iPür Beauty app, follow the same procedure that you use for any other iPhone application. Press and hold the "iPür Beauty" application icon until it begins to wiggle. Press the "X" in the corner of the icon and confirm the deletion in the window that appears.

Do I need to register on Pü to use the iPhone application?

The application does not require any Pü registration, though you will need to log in to your iTunes account in order to download the application from the App Store.

What if I have feedback or questions about the Pür Minerals iPhone application?

We are very interested in hearing from our users. Please submit feedback and/or questions to

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