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Pressed Powder and Cream Blush

Get colorful! No makeup look is complete without a little bit of rosy color on your cheeks. Our cream blush and powder brush not only provide beautiful shades of color, they contain anti-aging benefits to help soften the look of lines and brighten the skin’s appearance. Shop below.

Chateau Cheek Stain

Blush Tint and Brush Duo

Glitz & Glam Set 2 – Eye & Cheek Palettes

Limited-Edition Gift Set

Glitz & Glam Set 1 – Day & Night Eye Palettes

Limited-Edition Eye Gift Set

Chateau Cheeks Cream Blush

Cream cheek colour with anti-aging skincare

Chateau Cheeks Pressed Powder Blush

Age-defying pressed mineral cheek colour

PÜR Rocks (Reg. $23.50)

A whole new dimension in minerals

Lava Rocks (Reg. $23.50)

Color and contour eyes, lips and cheeks