Finding Time for Holiday Party Makeup and Hair when Entertaining

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 | COLUMN: Makeup

If you’re hosting the holidays or throwing a party, you probably have a mile long to-do list and it doesn’t always include hours for perfecting your hair and makeup. But it should, because getting gorgeous and feeling your best while entertaining makes any event that much better. Check out our three tips on finding time to do your hair and makeup, even in the midst of a busy holiday!

1. Plan Ahead. If you’re like us, when it comes to hosting an event or holiday celebration, it’s never too early to plan ahead. Make a list ahead of the day to cover all of your to-dos. Include cleaning tasks, errands to run and things to pick up for the party and cooking or setting up that must be completed. This will give you an accurate picture of not only what you can get done in advance but what needs to wait until day-of.

By planning ahead and knowing all that you have to do, you can determine when the best time is to sneak away and get yourself ready!

2. Get Started Early. Do as much as you can in advance so you can free up some time on the day of the party or holiday. Plus, by spreading some of the party tasks up over time, you aren’t spending a full day cooking or cleaning. Some items we like to complete in advance:

  • Getting recipes prepped – chopping vegetables, gathering and organizing ingredients, etc.
  • Cleaning
  • Take out platters, china and other items being used for serving
  • Set up the buffet area or kitchen table (if you don’t have room to set it up early, make a rough plan)

Starting early goes double for hair and makeup, too! If you don’t think you’ll have time to wash and dry your hair, wash it the evening before so you only have to touch it up. Get your face ready by completing tasks like moisturizing early, so you can zip into your bathroom or bedroom and apply your makeup quickly.

3. Pick an Obtainable Look. If you’re short on time, don’t aim for a full glam look with false eyelashes, a detailed, smoky eye and the whole nine yards. Instead, go with a look that’s obtainable and pick products that offer what you want quickly. For example, our complexion products offer flawless coverage in 60 seconds or less – the perfect choice for a foundation when you’re short on time!

What’s your beauty routine when you’re hosting a get-together? Share below!

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Be a New Year’s Knockout

Monday, December 22, 2014 | COLUMNS: Makeup, Tips & How-Tos

Get the ultimate NYE party look with Pür’s new collection, inspired by the film, Big Eyes (link no longer available)!


FACE: Prep the skin using Illuminate & Glow Primer all over the face. Then apply 4-in-1 Pressed Makeup using the Chisel Brush to perfect your complexion.


CHEEKS: Dust Spun Silk Blush from the limited-edition palette onto the cheeks using an angled Blush Brush and sweeping out and up towards the hairline.


EYES: Using the shades from the palette, press Fortune into the center of the lid. Then lightly sweep Luster into the inner corner and along the lower lash line. Apply Indigo in the outer corner and into the crease. Line the upper lash line with Silhouette. Finish the eyes with two coats of Big Look Mascara.


LIPS: Apply Château Kisses Lip Gloss in Scandalous to complete your look.

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How to Make your Makeup Last All Day

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 | COLUMNS: Makeup, Tips & How-Tos

It’s one of the most common makeup tips and tricks requests that we receive: how to make makeup last all day and night. There’s nothing worse than checking your reflection in the mirror after a long day of meetings and wondering exactly when and how your makeup disappeared.

Luckily, when using the right product, along with correct application and a few tricks, you rest easy knowing that your makeup will last through a long, rough day at work, dinner and drinks with friends and whatever else life throws at you!

To begin, the key is to use a primer on both your face and eye lids. Think of primer as a Spanx for your face –it preps your skin so that everything you place on top of it just looks better. Using it can help smooth and conceal, filling in lines and wrinkles, creating the perfect base so that your foundation looks better and lasts longer.

Apply primer on your face by using a makeup brush for a perfect airbrushed finish. Using a brush for application has the added bonus of extra coverage – and who doesn’t love that?? Next, use eye primer on your lids so that your eye shadow is locked in place. In addition, when using a primer on your lids, the eye shadow you choose will be truer to color.

Selecting the right products is another key on making makeup last all day. For foundation, oil-free formulas tend to be the best choice, because they don’t contain ingredients that make makeup slide off. If you use a moisturizer (hint: you should be, especially in the winter months!), make sure to apply it and let it dry before using primer and other face makeup.

If you struggle with eyeliner and other eye makeup not making it through your day, run a spot concealer under your eyes to make sure it doesn’t bleed down your face. While gel and liquid eye liners tend to last longer, plenty of us prefer to use a pencil. There are plenty of ways to make sure it lasts. Expert tip: A matching eye shadow color can help set your pencil eye liner. Use a slant-tip brush or pointy tip of a foam applicator and trace over your eye liner.

Want mascara that lasts all day and night without clumping or flaking? It’s all about the product selection. It’s not surprising to learn that if you want mascara that won’t budge no matter what you do, use a waterproof formula. To avoid clumps and flaking, apply it in quick layers before it dries.

Do you have a tried-and-true trick for how to make makeup last all day? We want to hear it! Share below.

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20% Off Sitewide

Sunday, December 14, 2014 | COLUMN: Promotions

Waited till the last minute to do your holiday shopping? Worried that the best deals have come and gone? Never fear. Pür has just the thing for you! This week only, take 20% off your entire order with code MISTLETOE. No minimum. No exclusions. Sometimes it pays to wait…


Hurry—offer ends Sunday, December 21!

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New Kit Inspired by the Film Big Eyes

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 | COLUMNS: Campaigns, Makeup, Things We Love

This just in—Pür has a new collection (link no longer available), inspired by the upcoming film Big Eyes by the visionary director Tim Burton! Featuring a limited-edition eye and cheek palette, two bold eyeliners and our Illuminate & Glow Primer, it comes with everything you need to turn your eyes into a work of art.

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Get Festive Holiday Makeup Looks with Just a Few Essentials

Tuesday, December 09, 2014 | COLUMNS: Makeup, Party Time

‘Tis the season for glam! With plenty of parties and celebrations to attend this winter, chances are party-perfect holiday makeup looks that don’t require hours of work is high on your gift list this year. Luckily, we’re the experts on getting holiday festive with just a few essentials so you can spend more time celebrating and less time getting ready.

Going from the office right to a party or event? One super easy way to change your look from day to night is to go red — a red lip color, that is. It’s one of the most classic holiday makeup looks that never seems to go out of style and always matches your holiday outfit. Lipstick, gloss or tint is a quick and simple way to completely change your look and make sure you stand out in a crowd. Plus, as an added bonus, as a bright red or cranberry color fades through the night, it softens into a beautiful light matte color.

Another great way to add extra drama to your look is to use your everyday eye shadow palette but build up the amount of color you use. You can also try using some of the deeper, richer colors that the palette offers for the crease of your eye, to really emphasize a dramatic look. Don’t underestimate the power of a neutral, high-shine gloss on your lips, especially when paired with a dramatic eye – it makes for an overall polished and dramatic look.

No dramatic look is complete without some volume on your eyelashes. Use volume mascara for a full and flirty look that can pair with a dramatic eye or stand on its own for a more subtle look. Use a waterproof formula if you’re looking for mascara that won’t budge during a night of celebration.

If you’re looking for less drama but still fun makeup ideas for your eyes, highlight the inner corners with a metallic shade. Use a champagne or soft pink color if you have fair skin, gold if you have medium or olive skin and if you’re dark, use a bronze color. Pair it with a fun, bright lip color and emphasized lashes for an overall simple but festive look.

For a soft finish to any makeup look, don’t forget to use an illuminating powder. This gives you a fun, luminous glow and really perks up your complexion. Even if the weather outside is frightful and your summer tan has faded, you can still find a use for your bronzer! Break it out for some highlighting and contouring.

Do you have a go-to party look, or tried and trick day to night tricks you use? We want to hear them! Share below.

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Pick Your Holiday Gift

Friday, December 05, 2014 | COLUMN: Promotions

Take your pick from three spa worthy gifts when you make a $40+ order on this weekend. Treat yourself (or someone special) to our age-defying Red Wine Exfoliating Mask, exclusive White Wine Exfoliating Cleanser or our hometown favorite, Georgia Peach Tea Sugar Scrub. Just enter code SPAGIFT at checkout to make your choice.


Hurry—offer ends Sunday, December 7th!

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Give Back this Tuesday with Pür

Tuesday, December 02, 2014 | COLUMNS: Campaigns, Things We Love

Today is Giving Tuesday, and if you’re looking to give back, we’ve got a cause for you! Pür Minerals has teamed up with Action Against Hunger in the fight against child hunger, and you can help. Simply make a purchase on now through 1/7/15 and a portion will go to AAH. You can also add a donation of $1, $5 or $10 to your order at checkout (100% goes to AAH) and Pür will match it dollar for dollar!


About Action Against Hunger
Hunger claims 1 million young lives every year, but for the first time in history, game changing solutions are within our reach. Using ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we can now treat children at home, and save lives at a scale never before imagined. Learn more at

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Let’s Entertain! Fun and Easy Party Recipes

Tuesday, December 02, 2014 | COLUMN: Recipes

If you ask us, one of the best parts of the holiday season is all the celebrating and festive occasions. Office parties, meeting friends for holiday cocktails, going to and throwing your own party, there’s never a shortage of things to do during the holiday season.

If you’re going to a party, it’s always nice to bring something along to share, and if you are hosting a party, you should expect hungry guests. As a Southern brand, there’s nothing we love more than feeding people with our homemade baked goods and other dishes, and today we want to share with you some of our favorite fun holiday recipes.

We’re all in on the pumpkin-everything trend lately, and we love this quick and easy party recipe for pumpkin bread from Southern Living. It ups the ante by adding pecans, is a quick and easy recipe and is always a crowd pleaser. Another Southern favorite we love to bake on chilly days or for easy dessert is straight from the Southern cooking queen herself, Paula Deen. Check out her orange banana bread, which can also be easily made into muffins.

When hosting a party, we love to serve plenty of appetizers and finger foods that guests can nibble on throughout the evening. Some of our favorite easy appetizers for parties include tortellini and caprese skewers and dates stuffed with goat cheese and chorizo. Both are simple, easy recipes that can even be made in advance, and the skewers are great to include as a vegetarian option.

For the tortellini and caprese skewers, simply cook the tortellini following the instructions on the package, then rinse them under cold water so they are easy to handle. Next, slide them onto a skewer along with a grape tomato and a fresh mozzarella cheese ball – add a second round of everything if the skewers are long. We place them on a platter, sprinkle a little chopped basil, salt and pepper on top, then drizzle balsamic glaze over all of them.

To create the stuffed dates, sauté bulk chorizo sausage (casing removed) until it’s cooked through. Then, slice your date down the middle, but not in half. Spoon in a little bit of goat cheese and chorizo. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, wrap the date with cooked bacon or prosciutto and secure with a toothpick. You can serve them as-is, or pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes to get them nice and warm.

Looking for more cooking inspiration and fun holiday recipes? When we’re planning a party or holiday menu, we do a lot of browsing on Pinterest (okay, we admit it, we do a lot of browsing on Pinterest no matter what) and food sites like Food Network, and of course, Southern Living. Plenty of magazines and bloggers also feature party and recipe tips and tricks, too.

What’s on your go-to party menu? Share below!

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30% Off Extended through Monday!

Monday, December 01, 2014 | COLUMN: Promotions

Missed our Black Friday steal? Never fear—we’ve extended it through Cyber Monday! From now until midnight tonight (12/1/14), you can take 30% off your entire order*. Wrap up your holiday shopping or stock up on the products you use most. Just enter code PURCM14 at checkout, and you’ll be on your merry way to a happier holiday.


*Excludes items in the Kits and Specials categories.

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