Pür Across the Globe

Thursday, May 31, 2012 | COLUMNS: Away We Go, best mineral makeup, Pur Minerals, Purminerals, top make up products, vogue india

Pür is taking the world by storm, with pür and simple shout outs pouring in from as far away as the Philippines and, now, India. In a VOGUE India article titled “Five Best Mineral Makeup Products”, beauty editors praised our Start Now! Essentials Collection as “a makeup starter kit that will not intimidate a mineral makeup novice.”


Travel: St. Simons Island, Ga

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 | COLUMN: Away We Go

Shutterstock_1455359 There’s something about summer that just screams travel. Even when I’m en route to one place or another, I’m already planning my next destination. Some are local. Some are exotic. But no matter my mood or motivation, for some reason the travel bug bites harder in the hot summer months.


Road Trip Beauty Tips

Wednesday, July 06, 2011 | COLUMNS: Away We Go, Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, Beauty on-the-go, comfy chic, foundation, ingredient close-ups, melting chap stick, product highlights, Road Trip, Setting spray, Traveling

Shutterstock_1920689 Tis the season for traveling! Whether you’re sailing away on a week-long cruise, heading to a romantic getaway or taking a long weekend to enjoy a little R&R, you have to get there somehow.  For many of us, this means a car ride, sometimes a long one. I love road trips. If you are in good company, have some yummy snacks and jamming tunes, it can be a blast getting from point A to point B.


Royal Retail Therapy Makes Me Wanna Shop

Friday, April 22, 2011 | COLUMNS: Away We Go, Campaigns, Bandeau Dress, fashion, Honeymoon, Kate Middleton, Lace, news, prints, Royal Wedding, Summer

Shutterstock_24395872 Though nobody knows who is designing Kate Middleton’s wedding gown or where she and Prince William will be going for their honeymoon, reporters and royal wedding fanatics can speculate on Middleton’s shopping trip at King’s Road this week. While shopping at the mid-market chain store, Warehouse, the bride-to-be purchased a feather print one- shoulder dress, a tropical print sundress, a lace-trimmed blouse and a poppy bandeau dress. This leads nosey Nellies to believe the newlyweds will be heading someplace tropical for their honeymoon, and that makes me want to go shopping for summer!


A Short History on the High Heel

Friday, February 11, 2011 | COLUMNS: Away We Go, Pur Teen, chopins, clogs, heels, high heels, history, overshoes, pump, riding boots, shoes, stiletto

Shoe_h425 Perhaps it is because I’m under five feet tall, but I absolutely love a good pair of heels! For high heeled shoes and me, it was love at first fit, and I’ve been rocking pumps, peep toes, sling backs, boots and platforms of all styles and heights since my teenage years.  Though high heels are practically my running shoes, not everybody likes to wear them, and I understand why. The position of the foot and the added height in these sexy shoes can hinder speed and balance. This made me wonder “who invented these dangerously beautiful things?” I looked into this, and now you can learn and retell a brief history of the high heeled shoe, making you sound super smart the next time you’re out and about with friends.


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