Shape Up Your Skin for the Holidays

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

With the mercury dipping into the lower digits, day planners filling up at breakneck speed and seemingly fewer hours left in the day, the “most wonderful time of the year” can easily drain the mind and body (not to mention bank account). But what about your skin? While the scorching summer sun may seem like a distant memory, the dry, icy winter weather can be just as unforgiving. Well, fear not. Pür Minerals has the solution to your skin’s holiday blues.

Sleep Better
Rather than recite a statistical litany lauding the benefits of the eight-hour nap, let’s keep this centered on skin, and specifically how to make that shrinking window of shut-eye work for you. After a day of braving the elements and burning the midnight oil, your skin’s been through a lot. When bedtime finally rolls around, apply an anti-aging night cream like Mineral Moisture Complex for some much-needed hydration and to nourish and strengthen stressed skin. If dark circles or baggy eyes become a concern, add Re-Vital Eyes to you regimen and, seriously, get more sleep!

Exfoliate Regularly
The more your skin is exposed to the cold, dry winter air (or a heated, dry office), the more stress it’s under. This can translate to a dull, ashy complexion as dead skin cells accumulate faster than they’re shed. To get your skin back in shape and more smoothly toned, use a gentle exfoliator like Pür Polish a few times a week. For a more dramatic revival, try an overnight anti-aging peel system like While You Were Out.

Add Some Color
While trips to the “electric beach” are extra tempting during the winter months, there’s an easier way to rekindle that fading summer glow. A bronzing powder like Mineral Glow is not only safer than frequenting your local tanning salon but also faster and more natural looking.

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