My Travel Must-Haves

Friday, July 12, 2013 | Away We Go

Planning on flying somewhere this summer? When I travel by airplane, I always flip through the in-flight magazine to pass the time and make the often long boarding process tolerable. I enjoy daydreaming about the great restaurants and activities I would add to my ever so long “bucket list” if I ever got the opportunity to visit that featured country or city. Or what I might say if someone were to casually ask where’s the best place to dine in Paris, shop in Montreal or grab drinks in Chicago.


I also like to read what others take with them when they travel. Since I travel for 90 percent of my job, I always find it interesting to find items that are travel-friendly and smart. What’s in my bag?



Bose noise canceling headphones and laptop (I have to put that one in or my boss wouldn’t be happy)



Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts


Most Impractical Item

Cozy blanket for long and/or international flights, like my upcoming trip to Australia


Makeup Must-Haves

4-in-1 Mineral Makeup, Double Ego Mascara (link no longer available), Diamond Rose Blush (link no longer available), Mineral Glow and Berry Pretty Lip Gloss Stick (link no longer available) – I love that Pür makeup is travel-smart and TSA-friendly!


Now that the packing is done, I’m ready to go! What’s in your summer travel bag?