Don’t Let a Heavy Bag Weigh You Down

Friday, January 18, 2013 | Uncategorized

Oversized handbags never seem to go out of style; however, the shoulder pain that tends to accompany them is a true ‘pain in the neck’ (pun intended). I doubt I’m alone when I admit I have a tendency to complain about my heavy handbags causing kinks in my neck and shoulders. NYC chiropractor Justina Ngo shares a few techniques in order to begin reducing the negative effects of our hobo’s—I can already begin to feel a difference!


1)   Train yourself to periodically switch your handbag from one side to another.


2)   After setting down your bag, take a few moments to stretch.  Slowly bend your neck forward, backward, right and left; avoid swiveling.


3)   If you feel tense in your neck and shoulders, “reset” them by bringing your shoulders to your ears and holding tightly for three seconds. Release the tension by dropping the shoulders and letting arms hang loosely.


4)   Add a few moves to your gym routine to strengthen back and shoulder muscles. Lateral raises, pushups and planks can all help.