Six Workouts to Fit Your Personality

Friday, January 11, 2013 | Tips & How-Tos

Made a resolution to get (or stay) in shape? Get started on the right foot with the best workout for your personality. Here are a few handpicked options for everyone from fitness veterans to first timers.


The Stress Ball: Have a tendency to bottle up emotions? Try defusing in a positive way. We recommend boxing for a fast-paced release; for a slower pace, yoga is perfect for relaxation.


The Perfectionist: Calling all control freaks! If you like regimented, controlled instruction, try core muscle classes that incorporate the barre like those at Physique 57.


The Competitor: Try going to a no-frills boot camp or spin class. The opportunity to challenge opponents is a perfect motivator for those out there with that competitive edge.


The Social Butterfly: Like fun workouts with high energy and loud music? Group aerobics and dance classes offer the chance to get in shape and meet new people. Try Zumba or a class at Pure Barre.


The Homebody: Group environments aren’t really your cup of tea? That’s okay. Not all of us like sinking into our squats next to total strangers, which is why running and fitness DVDs are great alternatives for those going solo.


Ms. Lazybones: If coming unglued from the couch after work seems like asking a lot, give yoga or Pilates a shot. You’ll be surprised how much a little core strengthening can improve your health and boost your energy.