Dos and Don’ts of Healthy Hands and Nails

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Like any other part of the body, hands and nails need regular TLC to keep them healthy and beautiful. Even if you’re a regular at the local nail salon, you might be surprised to learn just how demanding those ten digits are. For the rest of us, consider this a crash course on the dos and don’ts of basic hand and nail care.


  1. Eat a diet rich in protein, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to being generally good for you, such nutrients help sustain the skin’s vibrant luster and promote healthy keratin in the nails. (Despite anecdotal claims, eating gelatin will NOT make nails grow faster or stronger)
  2. Perform routine nail maintenance between trips to the salon. This includes regularly trimming (with sharp manicure scissors), filing (with a fine emery board) and cleaning under nails to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
  3. Moisturize hands and nails frequently. Because body skin differs from facial skin in moisture content and follicle density, use a body-specific hydrator like Pür Body Butter and make sure to work into nails and cuticles. A moisturizing balm is also a fabulous quick fix for hands and nails. Pür Balm conditions nails, cuticles—and all rough patches from head to toe—with vitamin E, shea butter and essential oils.
  4. Exfoliate your hands once a week with a gentle scrub like Pür Polish to smooth away dead cells and prime the skin for added moisture.


  1. Bite or pick at your nails or cuticles. Even the slightest cut or break can invite an infection lasting months. Nails can take up to six months to fully regrow, leaving you with an unsightly reminder in the meantime.
  2. Get carried away with nail polish. Overuse can make nails brittle and discolored. Also, avoid regularly painting nails dark shades to keep them from yellowing.
  3. Limit nail polish remover use to twice a month and avoid those containing acetone, which can dry out the nail.
  4. File nails in one direction only—not back and forth. Rigorous scrubbing can cause the nail to fragment or tear.
  5. Wear artificial “glue-on” nails. Their adhesives can cause painful allergic reactions and damage your natural nails and cuticles.

For more ways to keep your hands and body happy, healthy and glow, shop the Pür Minerals Skin Care Collection.