Shape Up Your Skin this Season

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | Tips & How-Tos

While the scorching summer sun may seem like a distant memory, the dry, icy winter weather can be just as unforgiving. Well, fear not. Pür Minerals has the solution to your skin’s holiday blues.


Sleep Better
After a day of braving the elements and burning the midnight oil, your skin’s been through a lot. Help it de-stress with an anti-aging night cream like Mineral Moisture Complex (link no longer available). For dark circles or baggy eyes, add Tone Up (link no longer available) to you regimen and get more sleep!


Exfoliate Regularly
Cold, dry winter air can quickly dehydrate a healthy complexion and turn it dull and ashy. Get your skin back in shape by exfoliating away built-up cellular debris with Pür Polish (link no longer available) a few times a week.


Add Some Color
While trips to the “electric beach” are extra tempting during the winter months, using a bronzing powder like Mineral Glow is not only safer but also faster and more natural looking.