Halloween Party Tips

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | Party Time

By guest blogger Julia Cohen

Halloween Party Tips

Planning a spooky soiree? These time-saving, budget-friendly tips can help you get more fright for your buck—even if you’ve waited until the last minute!

  1. Make a guest-list and use it as a guide for the space you will need to accommodate.
  2. Email invitations and/or create a Facebook event page as soon as possible. Make sure to include the theme (if you have one) and specify whether or not guests should wear costumes.
  3. Popular theme ideas include: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Murder Mystery, Historical Figures, Masquerade Ball, The 50s, Dead Rock Star Party.
  4. Set up a buffet of Halloween-themed snacks and beverages. “Finger cookies” and gummy worms in chocolate “dirt” are always popular dishes.
  5. Decorate with anything from crepe paper streamers and balloons to creepy (and cost-effective) spider webs. For a gory bathroom, replace your shower curtain with a clear vinyl liner. Put slash marks in it and cover the tub and curtain in fake blood.
  6. Find some smoky jazz music to play throughout your home that has a dark, gritty feel to it. The soundtrack to, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” is a good example.

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