Four Tips to Combat Crow’s Feet

Friday, October 12, 2012 | Tips & How-Tos

by guest blogger Julia Cohen 

Tips to Combat Crow's Feet

For all the love we give them, our eyes are often the first place to show signs of aging. While dark circles and puffiness are easily remedied with a concealing primer (and ample sleep), few things are more telling and harder to mask than crow’s feet. Fortunately, Pür has a simple, four-step solution for putting crow’s feet in their place (and off your face).

  1. Apply a hydrating eye serum, like Tone Up, twice a day to help plump up the skin’s appearance for a smoother finish.
  2. Add an antioxidant-rich booster, like Super Shot, to your eye regimen to fight the free radicals that threaten skin daily.
  3. Applying Cease Crease before eye makeup can help lift the skin’s appearance while diffusing light to minimize the look of crow’s feet.
  4. For deep-set crow’s feet, Disappearing Act conceals, hydrates and renews for younger-looking skin—even after it comes off!