Mascara: Then and Now

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | Things We Love, 1900 eye makeup, 1920 make up, 1930 looks for eyes, 1940 eyeliner, 1950 mascara, vintage mascaras

With all the advances in mascara technology today—from lash-conditioning formulas to clump-resistant wands—it’s hard to imagine going anywhere without that indispensible little tube. Yet a mere 60 years ago, the lash game was considerably different. From the 1900s to the early 1950s, mascara was a block (first made from coal and petroleum jelly) and came in a box. And forget no-clump wands—application meant using something akin to a toothbrush. Don’t believe us? Check out Hillary Reinsberg’s mascara retrospective on buzzfeed.comPark&tilford Source: