Summer Travel: the Heurtebise Spa at Jonzac, France

Monday, July 30, 2012 | Away We Go, French hot springs, Heurtebise Spa, Jonzac France, Pur Minerals, Purminerals, Seugne warm spring, spas in Charente-Maritime

Heurtebise Spa at Jonzac, France

Fresh off her trip from southern central France, Pür Vice President of Marketing, Julie Campbell, tells us about her favorite spa retreat.

Where it is:
In the town of Jonzac in the heart of the valley of the Seugne, France

What it is:
This spa knows how to combine health and pleasure. Renowned for utilizing the healing properties of the region’s warm spring water (kept at a delightful 61°), people come from all over Europe to enjoy the benefits of this ultra-modern spa.

What they offer:
Treatments are available for rheumatism, arthritis, osteopathy and  respiratory tract therapyalong with my favoritepure relaxation!

Why it’s amazing:
Discovered in 1979, this unique hot water has a very high sulphate content proven to rejuvenate the joints and body.