Glamour Meets the Great Outdoors

Monday, July 02, 2012 | Away We Go, ecotourism, glamor camping, glamping, luxury cabins, outdoor resort, vacation trends, wilderness lodge
Paws Up Montana tent

A tent at Paws Up Luxury Resort in Greenough, Montana.

Last week, one of our favorite newsfeeds ran a story about glamping—a hot, new vacation trend that combines camping with a sense of—you guessed it—glamour. However, if images if pitching a tent in remote wilderness come to mind, think again. This is about as far from “roughing it” as it gets. Part of the thriving ecotourism business, glamping offers the same amenities you’d expect from a luxury hotel, albeit in a more rustic setting. Think of it as a five-star lodge under a canvas roof.

A recent phenomena stateside, glamping has its roots in African safari camps and Thai and Balinese beachfront villas. This gives the whole experience a romantic, exotic feel that’s perfect for couples looking to connect with nature without disconnecting from the modern world. While some places opt to remain “off the grid”, most offer a full range of modern conveniences, including plush bedding, solar-heated showers and, in some cases, Wi-Fi. So, if you’ve ever wanted to sleep beneath the stars without waking up on the ground, glamping could be for you.

Would you ever consider glamping? Share your thoughts below.

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