Music Artist: Andy Grammer

Monday, April 16, 2012 | Pur Teen

Andy Grammer is an artist who not only has inspiring music but has an inspiring story as well. He started out by playing on the streets of L.A, willing to play for anyone who would listen. I love the sound Andy Grammer has but I also love the message his lyrics send. Grammer says, “My favorite thing is to pop up from a birds-eye view. It may be a breakup, it may be a relationship, it may be what we’re doing on this planet here. I like to be far enough away to see the whole scope of what’s occurring.” While his music is very upbeat, Grammer says, “I’m not intentionally trying to be positive. I’m trying to be real.” His music has a very laid back vibe to it with a more rocker edge. As Grammer himself would describe, “For me it’s always been about a mix of hip-hop, acoustic singer/songwriters and piano rock.”