2012: the Year of the Signature Lip

Friday, March 16, 2012 | Things We Love, 2012 lipsticks, best shades of make up, bold lips, bright lip trend, find looks for, popular lipstick colors, product highlights, signature look, spring makeup trends

Shutterstock_1391444Makeup trends, like those in fashion, come in cycles. Generally speaking, when eye color takes the spotlight, lip color assumes the supporting role, and vice verse. It’s no coincidence that yesterday’s smoky eye craze also saw the rise of the nude lip. This year, however, the tide is ebbing back toward bold lips. Only this time, there’s a twist. Whereas once women shopped for lip color by occasion, today’s trend finds more and more of them seeking out their signature shade—that one go-to hue that looks great with everything.

Lipstick_Rose GarnetBright Lips Are In
With spring in full swing, bright lips are all the rage. For those used to more natural or subdued lips, making the leap to a knockout pout can be a little intimidating. Fortunately, today’s bright lip shades are much more sophisticated than your mother’s fire engine red lipstick of yore. From brilliant fuchsias, like Rose Garnet (shown), to sun-kissed corals, like Tropical Bronze, there’s a signature bright lip shade for everyone.

Tone Down the Rest
The key to wearing a bright lip look is balance: always pair bold lips with softer, more subtle eyes. The biggest mistake women make with bold lips is overdoing in on the eye makeup. However, toned down eyes doesn’t mean cutting off eye shadow altogether. A gorgeous natural eye and cheek palette like Pür’s Go Nude Collection makes balancing bright lips a breeze. Remember ladies, beauty is all in the details.