Moms Rave Over Wakeup Call

Friday, March 09, 2012 | Things We Love, eye skincare, hide dark circles, line reducing pen, minimize puffiness, product highlights, Pur Minerals, Reduce puffy eyes, skin care rollerball, undereye bags, Wakeup Call

Shutterstock_1090253Wakeup Call has been blowing up the blogosphere, with praise pouring in from all corners. Designed to minimize the look of dark circles and puffy, under-eye bags, Pür’s latest eye sensation has won a strong following from, among others, new moms. Staff writers for the lifestyle blog Outblush reveal why:

Wakeup Call“Babies seem to sleep less during the night than they do during the day. And you know what that means? We just don’t ever get to sleep. You try napping during the day while a toddler is roaming the house like a wild banshee. Pür Minerals Wakeup Call Depuffing Eye Pen has become part of our morning routine thanks to this parenting reality.”

Even if you’re not on diaper duty 24/7, we’ve all had sleepless nights that have left us looking less-than-pleasant the next day. For the chronically—and occasionally—sleep-deprived, Wakeup Call is a face-saving silver bullet.