Ask Joli: Sculpting Bold, Beautiful Brows

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 | Tips & How-Tos, customer Q&A

You’ve got questions, Joli Baker has answers. Read on for advice from the Pür Minerals president and get the beauty scoop—pür and simple.

Q: I’ve noticed that thicker eyebrows are in this fall. How can I make my brows look bold and beautiful without looking beastly? –Shane, Charlotte, NC

Gone are the days of pencil-thin arches. This season demands volume! You may have noticed this trend while thumbing through the latest beauty magazines, but in case you missed it, bold brows are in. If you don’t already have one, now is the perfect time to add a 3-in-1 Universal Makeup Pencil to your beauty collection. It adds natural looking definition to eyebrows—plus, it doubles as eyeliner and lip pencil.

Before adding volume, it’s important to make sure your eyebrows are properly shaped. Hold your brow pencil or eyebrow brush vertically along the right side of your nose so it forms a line from where your nose and cheek meet to the inside corner of your eye. Your eyebrow should start where this line crosses the brow line. To find your arch, simply turn the pencil to form a line from the nose position to the outer edge of your iris. Your arch should peak right above it. Turn it again to line up with the outer edge of your eye to find where your brow should end. Browkit

Our Mineral Brow Perfection is a multi-tasking eyebrow sculpting tool that creates a natural frame for the
eye. I created this product because every woman needs great brows. It consists of a brow shaping wax to form and sculpt eyebrows and a micronized mineral powder to fill in and define brows. The key to using the wax is to brush backwards against the grain to “fluff” the brow. Next, dip your eyebrow brush into the brow powder and fill in brows to the desired intensity. The brow powder actually picks up highlights found in your natural hair, so it never looks fake or drawn on. 

If you have naturally thin eyebrows, I recommend treating them with Pür-ly Abundant. It adds much needed drama to over-plucked brows (as well as sparse eyelashes) and conditions each individual hair with a host of powerful, natural ingredients. In fact, it’s currently the only brow treatment product on the market that’s not animal-based. The plant-derived ingredients in Pür-ly Abundant have been shown to increase hair growth by 17% in just 3 months. Apply the treatment to your eyebrows twice daily and you’ll start to see a difference in no time!   

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