Give Your Eyes a Wakeup Call

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | Things We Love, brighten skin, crow's feet, dark circles, energy serum, eye rollerball, lines and wrinkles, product highlights, puffy eyes, skincare roller, undereye bags, Wakeup Call

WakeUpCallWe’ve all had them: late nights that turn into tired days that feel way too long. And while you might trick your body with coffee, your eyes will always give you away—until now. Get ready to put dark circles and bags to bed with Pür Minerals’ newest eye sensation: Wakeup Call Depuffing Eye Pen.

Everyone reacts differently to fewer Z’s. Some wake up to under eye shadows; others to puffy peepers. Fortunately, Wakeup Call is made to address both. As caffeine invigorates tired-looking skin, horse chestnut fights the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Plus, it’s infused with intensive hydration to plump away the look of fine lines and crow’s feet, making it a powerful age-defying tool.

Best of all, its pocket-sized rollerball applicator makes it a breeze to use at home or on the go. Simply roll from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes to smooth away unsightly dark circles, bags and stubborn signs of aging. Isn’t it time your eyes had a Wakeup Call?