Makeup that Moisturizes? You Bet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, ingredient close-ups, product highlights

New4in1_WebRes_PorcelainIt’s no secret that Pϋr’s multitasking makeup can do a lot—condition the skin, correct common concerns, fight free radicals—all while delivering flawless coverage. But did you know your favorite 4-in-1, Correcting Primer and more can also help hydrate your skin? You’d better believe it.

The secret is in a type of ingredient called ceramides. Ceramides are key lipids found in the skin’s outer layer. If you think of your skin’s cells as bricks, ceramides act as the mortar that binds them together. When this component is compromised, the skin can dry out, lose form and become irritated.

Using a unique encapsulated delivery system, products like Pϋr Minerals’ enhanced Correcting Primers and 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup with built-in skincare deliver this essential element to the skin. The result is a boost in hydration that quenches parched skin and even helps plump away the look of lines.