Pür Minerals’ JuE Wong Featured in Little PINK Book

Monday, October 03, 2011 | Around Town, Campaigns, Uncategorized

This month, Astral Brands (Pür’s parent company) CEO JuE Wong, shared with Little PINK Book how she came to champion women’s heart health. PINK, America’s no. 1 online resource for working women, praised Wong’s perserverance in the face of tragedy as an example for how women can overcome adversity in their personal lives and careers. Read the full story below or on littlepinkbook.com.



JuE Wong believes in destiny. After losing her husband to a fatal heart attack just three weeks after they relocated from New York to Georgia, the CEO of Astral Brands used the devastating experience to help others.

Blindsided by a tragedy no one saw coming, Wong credits positive thinking with helping her bounce back, personally and professionally.

“By training teams to look at situations as opportunities rather than problems, it’s helped us succeed,” Wong tells PINK. After her husband’s death, she began volunteering with the American Heart Association, helping them raise $100,000 more dollars than they had the previous year. She now sits on their board of directors.

“Irrational optimism” is a mindset that could benefit all businesswomen. “We think we’re in control – then we get fired or a company goes under,” Wong says. “We can’t control that, but we can control the opportunities we find through networking and improving our skill sets.”

Switching careers, focusing on your health or taking time to self-educate are a few ways women create their own destiny. Plus, being open to gratitude, staying in the present and seeking professional help if necessary provide the chance to trump tragedy with positivity.

“When tragic things in life happen,” says Wong, “you can’t let that pull you down.”

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