Con-ventional Makeup

Thursday, September 01, 2011 | Around Town, Anime, Brony, Cosplay, Costume Makeup, current affairs, DIY Costume Makeup, Dragon*Con, games, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Sailor Moon, Sci-fi, Star Wars, Wonder Woman

This Labor Day Weekend, Dragon*Con will once again grace the city of Atlanta. This is one of the biggest multi-media, pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, comic, etc conventions in the country, and being a slightly nerdy, anime-watching, fantasy book-reading gamer girl, I am super excited. Like hundreds of con-goers, I plan to dress up. While people spend lots of time and money on extravagant and elaborate costumes, I’ve always thought an amazing costume is a complete waste without proper hair and makeup to match.

However, you don’t need to purchase gobs of costume makeup to be comic couture. The cosmetics you already have in your vanity are more helpful than you think!

Superhero Chic

The natural beauties of comics, video games, fantasy series and cartoons are designed as if they have makeup on. Don’t dress up as Wonder Woman or Princess Leia without any makeup! That’s just wrong! Full skin coverage with a primer and 4-in-1 is a must, plus a bold lash line, beautiful brows, cheek color/ highlight and, of course, lipstick.

Purshadows Think Outside the Makeup Box

For more wacky effects, get creative with your makeup. Used creatively, the same eye shadow, blush, bronzer, gel liner and lip pencils you normally use for everyday looks can transform into the perfect tools for low to medium intensity costume makeup. If you need to draw a design on your face, add unusual hues to your skin tone or fake a hardcore tan; a little primer (or eye prep) and powder makeup can go a long way.

Eye Pencil

An eyeliner pencil is like a magical makeup wand, and there are tons of ways to utilize it in costume makeup. Bold eyes need a heavy line and perhaps some dramatic tails. Cat costume? Draw some whiskers and a Captivating Cat Eye!  Reinforcing a shadow with eye pencil beneath makes it nearly indestructible, so your design or eye look will last all con long!