Mannequin Makeovers

Wednesday, August 03, 2011 | Around Town, current affairs, Life-like displays, Mannequins, personable shopping experience

Clothing retailers are investing more into their store design, specifically their mannequins. It’s not the first thing you notice when visiting a fashion boutique, but think about all the different types you see on display at varying shops. From body shape to facial feature design, there are many ways to show-off the latest fashions in a store. Mannequins are becoming more than just an human-shaped hanger, especially now that online shopping is at an all time high. There is more pressure on stores to create a customized environment that speaks to their target audiences.

Shutterstock_1450185 A mannequin maker in Colorado is helping revolutionize the retail world with customized, more life-like mannequins. Some of them even move, which encourages the shopper to interact with the merchandise. These life-like displays are supposed to resemble the people who shop in these stores, or at least look the way shoppers imagine themselves.

I have to say, I like this idea. I know displays need to have a fit physique, but sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous. I hate it when I see a blouse on the mannequin that I think looks hot, and then realize the garment does not fit at all like the display because the shirt had to be draped and pinned onto a frail, tiny figure. Interactive, relatable marketing is getting bigger and bigger, and details that were once store design afterthoughts now need to evolve to make the shopping experience more personal.

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