This Is Where It’s App

Thursday, July 28, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, iphone app, ipur, ipurbeauty, makeup application, product highlights, tech, virtual makeover

Alright, it took some convincing, but I’ll finally admit it: the iPhone is pretty cool. After seeing the latest model in action, I was sufficiently impressed. Especially when it came to handling apps.

4th Page FINAL Google Maps and Angry Birds aside, the number of apps I couldn’t live without are too few to mention. That is, until I played around on Pür Minerals’ own iPürBeauty App.

Here’s the skinny: starting with a photo of yourself (or from the built-in image library), the app first identifies your eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. using sophisticated facial recognition software. It then lets you create a plethora of virtual looks using products from across the brand’s entire makeup collection. Create a winner, and you can save it for a later purchase or share it via email or Facebook. Land a dud, and you can scrap it and start over. This is the ultimate “try it before you buy it” tool.

Remembering how clumsy facial recognition apps used to be (one particularly bad virtual hairstyle program comes to mind immediately), it’s amazing how clear and accurate Pür’s app is. The eye shadow actually covers your eyelids, not your forehead—what a novel concept! And if by chance your image is off, you can readjust the coordinates yourself with just a few screen taps.

Yes, this is one program that definitely makes the “must-have” list. Just watch out—you won’t believe how long your wish list will grow.

To download iPürBeauty, click here.