That Eyeliner is Stacked!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, Blending Eye Makeup, Blue Eye Makeup, Green Eye Makeup, Mineral Eye Liner, product highlights, Purple Eye Makeup, Stacking Eye Liner

Many of us already know the aesthetic joys of blending and stacking eye shadows. So many beautiful effects can be created with Glimmer-Pencils a smudge here and a dash of color there. A technique I also enjoy and get many compliments with is stacking eyeliners. Combining eyeliner shades is a great way to simultaneously add depth and a hint of color to your look. If you’re leery of using blue, purple, gold and green eye shadow, this is a great segue between a natural palette and more colorful looks. For this look, I use Onyx Mineral Eye Defining Pencil as a base, and any of the other pencil shades stack atop.

First, draw Onyx eye pencil along the lash line, stopping about halfway to the inner corner. Thicken the line toward the outer edge of the eye. Then trace your colored pencil (I used Jadeite for the example below) along the top of your Onyx line and taper the line-off at the inner corner of your eye. Smudge until satisfied.

  Stacked Liner

This eyeliner look can be as dramatic or subtle as you want, depending on how dense and thick your lines are. It looks great as a contrast to a neutral eye and complements brighter looks.