The Simple Joys of Leisure Diving

Monday, July 25, 2011 | Things We Love, Uncategorized, 2011 fad, internet trend, leisure dive, leisure diving



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 They say necessity is the mother of invention. For a pair of New Yorkers “dedicated to chilling out poolside” (as their website says), the need to keep cool—in more ways than one—has sparked a national craze: leisure diving.

For those who missed the planking train—the internet fad that stacked friends like human Lincoln Logs—leisure diving is new to the scene. Created just earlier this month by Alex Scott and John Lewis, summer’s newest meme involves leaping into a pool and striking a laidback pose—often fully clothed—moments before hitting the water. Loungewear and leisurely props, like a martini glass or croquet mallet, all add to the goofy sense of extreme relaxation.

In response to a flood of snapshots from across the country, the pair announced that they would soon start posting the most creative—and chill—submissions to their site. (Their Facebook page already has close to 10,000 fans.)

For a fad that’s bound to end with summer, at least for the moment it seems like a lot of fun.