Bridal Style Tips for Short Hair

Monday, June 27, 2011 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips, Bob, Bridal Hairstyles, Bridal Makeup, Formal, Growing-out Hair, Pixie, Short Bridal Hairstyles, Short Hair, Tiara, Veil

When I was in high school, I grew out my hair for my senior year. I wanted a lovely up-do at prom like all the other girls. Not long after graduation, I chopped my locks again and never looked back. My hair is fine and wouldn’t hold a curl if the fate of the entire world depended on it. When my husband proposed to me, I had an adorable, angled bob, and even though I had two years to grow out my hair, the thought never occurred to me. When it was time to start looking into hair styles for the big day, I decided to stick to my spunky short hair. It had become a Prentice trademark.

Short hair may seem like a problem for a bridal look, but in reality, it is super simple (and less expensive than hitting the salon for an intricate ‘do or extensions). I over-thought what to do with my hair. Since my Wedding Photos 457-1 short style is an important part of my image, I played with what it naturally does and how I typically like for it to look. Here are a few tips to making long-lasting impressions with short tresses:

Play Up Accessories

There are so many beautiful pieces that brides can wear in their hair, like tiaras, combs, clips, pearls, flowers and feathers. Rather than try to figure out how to make your pixie cut defy physics and look like an up-do from a magazine, get the formal, glamour you desire by adding an accessory to your hair. Veils also look lovely with short hair. 

                    Play Up Makeup

Shutterstock_667477 Face-framing haircuts, like many short styles, make the perfect canvas for stunning makeup. Have fun with your makeup and experiment. Here is a bridal makeup video and a couple other bridal looks to try! Bold eyes and lips will look stunning with your face front and center.


Don’t Grow Too Little Too Late

If you really can’t stand the idea of keeping your short hair for your big day, that’s fine. Just start growing as soon as possible. Remember, hair only grows about half an inch per month, so procrastinating until weeks before your wedding will only result in your current short hairstyle looking overgrown and messy.