How to Get Berry Stained Lips

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, product highlights

Shutterstock_1183382 Fun, fresh and flirty, berry stained lips are everything a summer lip look should be. And with Pür’s Petal Pout Lip Gloss Sticks, creating the perfect berry stained pout has never been easier. Here’s how.

First, apply a thin layer of moisturizer or lip balm to prime lips and keep color from fading or bleeding. (We recommend Mineral Lip Revival.) Don’t use too much—just enough to moisten lips—and be sure to wipe off any excess with a tissue.

Next, choose the lip gloss stick that works best with your skin tone. (You can also use Pout Plumping Lip Gloss to create a similar effect.) Starting with your lower lip, lightly dab color over the center; repeat for your upper lip. Then, using your index finger, gently smudge color over lips so that it fades toward the corners of your mouth. The idea is to create a natural-looking pout that appears “stained” in the middle—just as though you enjoyed some sweet summer fruit.