Read: Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Thursday, June 16, 2011 | Things We Love

Bookcover Celebrity memoirs tend to fall in one of two categories: self-affirming tales of personal triumph or roadmaps to hitting rock bottom. Perhaps that’s why recent tell-all from Hollywood heartthrob Rob Lowe is such a pleasant surprise. Laugh-out-loud funny, Lowe’s self-deprecating anecdotes prove that the former Outsiders and West Wing star is more than just a pretty face.

We all know people that things just seem to happen to. It’s this type of serendipity make Lowe’s stories so jaw dropping—the man is a magnet for pure coincidence. For instance, a 1976 move to Malibu prompted by his mother’s health landed him square in the neighborhood of then-unknowns Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen. At the time, Charlie’s father Martin was working for Francis Ford Coppola on Apocalypse Now. And, by chance, who did Coppola think of for the role of Soda in The Outsiders? You guessed it.

Possibly more surprising than the happenstance series of events is just how well written each story is. Heart wrenching at times and sidesplitting at others, Lowe’s narrative reveals a highly accomplished mind that refuses to take itself seriously. In other words, he’s someone we can all relate to. It’s this combination of empathy and what-are-the-chances dumb luck that makes Stories a must-read this summer.