Summer Snack Shortcuts

Friday, June 03, 2011 | Tips & How-Tos, bikini body, Cocktails, Coffee, FroYo, hungry, Ice Cream, ingredient close-ups, Slushie, Summer

To many, Memorial Day is an unofficial start to the summer season. Though June 21st is the true first day of summer, hot weather is already setting in, and with the heat comes delicious treats. It can be hard to resist the temptation of these delectable snacks, especially if you’re still working on your bikini body like I am, so here are a few alternatives to the typical temptations of summertime.

Temptation #1: Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone on a sunny day? This creamy, sweet dessert takes many of us back to our childhoods. It’s too bad our metabolisms don’t work as fast as when we were youngsters, right? Traditional ice cream is loaded with fat and sugar, making it a bikini body basher.

An Alternative: FroYo 

Organic nonfat frozen yogurt, nicknamed FroYo, is a fun substitute for ice cream with less than half the Shutterstock_990445 calories and sugar. It is well known for having live cultures, which scientists believe boost the immune system, prevent gastrointestinal infection and help improve joint health. It is high in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and at FroYo shops, you can add your own toppings. You can be a bit naughty and add some chocolate or gummy bears, or you can top it off with fruits and nuts.

Temptation #2: Frozen Coffee Drinks

It’s a hot afternoon at work, and a frozen coffee beverage seems like a delightful way to get through that dreadful case of the 2:45s. These drinks are super high in sugar and fat, and some varieties with lots of chocolate, caramel and whipped cream can be worth half a day’s recommended number of calories! Let’s not even think about the dramatic sugar crash that will ensue in an hour.

An Alternative: Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a fun spin on a regular cup of Joe. It is low in calories, and even if you jazz it up with some skim milk and sugar, it will be much less damaging to your diet than its blended, sugar-laden, fat-filled rival. Iced coffee is also way cheaper than a frozen drink, which keeps your wallet fat and your bum skinny.

Temptation #3: Frozen Cocktails

Shutterstock_2555742 There is no time that makes margaritas, piña coladas and daiquiris more mouthwatering than summertime. June, July, August and September are popular party months, and who doesn’t like to mingle with a fancy-looking drink in hand? Unfortunately, these cocktails are filled with sugary mixers, sweet liquors and lots of fruit juice. The calories add up quickly with these festive drinks.

Alternative: Simple Drinks

Rather than drink a 300+ calorie frozen drink, why not keep it simple? There is no way to make drinking alcohol diet-friendly, but that’s no reason to give up. A glass of white or blush wine has a third of the calories of a mixed drink. You could even make a spritzer, part wine part clear soft drink. If you want liquor, have it with on the rocks with a splash of juice or your favorite soda. No matter what you choose to drink, it is always important to do so responsibly. Shutterstock_1177455

It’s okay to enjoy our favorite summer treats, and moderation is key  to having your ice cream cake and eating it, too. Try to use alternatives when your cravings aren’t too strong, and don’t forget to indulge into healthy summer delicacies, like fresh fruits and veggies. To me, nothing says summer like a perfectly ripe tomato right off the vine, and that is a temptation I will give into any day of the week!