A Friday the 13th Mudd Masque Tale

Friday, May 13, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, brown recluse, bug bites, folk remedies, Friday, ingredient close-ups, masque, Mud Mask, pascalite, product highlights

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody! I hope you’ve had the best of luck today. I have a story of the Mineral  Mud Masque to share on this freaky Friday!

I noticed earlier this week that I had a bite by the base of my neck near my jaw. No, it wasn’t from a sexy  vampire that sparkles in the sun. (Darn!) It looked like a mosquito bite, but after a day or two, it was still MineralMud_New_CAP_2 there. Usually, mosquito bites disappear for me quickly; the bite didn’t look unusual or serious, and I assumed it was from a bug with venom of which my body is not accustomed. This sparked a thought.

Pascalite, a key ingredient in Mineral Mudd Masque, was formed eons ago. Native Americans used it for medicinal purposes, and it’s still a popular folk remedy today for insect bites and stings, including that of the brown recluse spider. (I saw one of those once, and it was super creepy.)

Anyway, I slathered a dab of the masque on my bug bite. A while later, it was gone! Wow. I already loved this masque for deep cleaning my pores, and now I’ve learned it can help with minor bug bites. Who knew?