The Catwalk’s Getting Catty

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | Things We Love, Uncategorized, cat fashion, Cats, Catwalk, Diane Krugar, Kate Hudson, leopard print, Necomimi, Neurowear, Rhianna, swim wear

Shutterstock_6750304 Attention, fellow cat people. Great news! Cats are totally in style right now. This kitty couture craze started with Rhianna and Diane Kruger’s  black, one piece, panther face swimsuits, and recently, cat-themed clothes have been spotted on Paris runways. I suppose designers finally realized that kittens are truly the cat’s meow.

Cat lovers, feel free to pick-up a cute top, swimsuit cover-up or accessory in the name of feline fashion. You will also find geometric and tribal prints are big this summer, including leopard print (my favorite color!).

These prints are everywhere, from shorts to swimsuits to bags to dresses, and the more natural themes are not just subtle and earthy.  Enjoy splashes of color on a tribal print, or show your bright and wild side with a colored animal print, like the beautiful green, leopard print dress Kate Hudson sported last week at the premiere Hawn Foundation event.

Japanese company Neurowear is taking cat fashion to the next level with Necomimi, a headband with cat ears that read brain signals and move in response to your mood! The oversized, fluffy, kitty ears flop down when you relax and perk up when you concentrate.


 I honestly want a pair, even if they seem a bit silly. I mean, these cat ears are no stranger than some of the hats seen at the royal wedding, right?