Moms: the Original Trendsetters

Friday, May 06, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, Uncategorized

Shutterstock_3598478 Say what you will about style mags and runway shows. Moms are the original trendsetters, teaching us more about fashion and beauty than we’ll ever know (or care to admit to). And with Mother’s Day a mere two days away, what better way to pay tribute to the women that inspire us, than by reflecting on the very things they taught us?

Growing up with a fashion buyer for a mom (for the now-defunct Prange’s department store—go ahead, Google it), I knew about Fashion Week before I could grasp basic grammar. Twice a year, my mom would fly to New York to meet with vendors and return with rough sketches and samples of what would hit the Juniors department in a future season. She was always impeccably dressed (a bold statement, considering it was the eighties—in Wisconsin); and, looking back, I’m lucky her taste extended into children’s wear. (No jumpsuits or bowl cuts for this baby.) While other kids were learning about colors, she taught me which colors worked together.

When it came to beauty, she was ahead of her time. While her friends and coworkers sported the totally tubular neon lips and super-smoky eyes of the day, she kept her look natural, often with only a hint of mascara and a spatter of lip color. And while she did wield a mean can of Aqua Net, she did it gracefully enough that we can still look at that decade’s family photos without laughing (too much).

Thanks mom, for keeping it real (and well grounded) throughout the awesome eighties, and beyond. You taught me some pretty rad things (and spared me from years of embarrassing yearbook photos). I owe you.

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