Behold the Magic of the Split Pan!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, 4-in-1, application tips, pale, product highlights, Split Pan, spring, Summer, tan, transition

It’s an odd time of year to get dressed. “Is it too early/late to wear this?” is a typical question in mid-spring because it’s a transition period. The weather is getting warmer, but it’s not quite time to bust out the spaghetti straps and shorts yet. Or is it? This awkwardness is not just a fashion flux. Makeup can be a challenge between seasons, too.

Let’s face it—even when using an SPF regularly, our skin changes color. We get darker in the summer and fairer in the winter. How frustrating! I don’t want to wear a foundation that’s too dark or light while the seasons are being fickle. I also don’t plan to clutter my vanity and empty my wallet to keep multiple shades of foundation in stock.
Mineral-splitMED If you feel the same way as I do, behold the practical power of the split pan! If you are in between your summer and winter colors, this is a lifesaver. Why settle for looking fake when you can mix and match your two favorite shades to create your own look?

The 4-in-1 blends well in the pan and on your skin. Just swivel your chisel brush in the two foundations until you get your desired shade, and then apply the powder like you normally would. Tada! You’re ready for spring, summer, winter, fall and everything between!