Royal Retail Therapy Makes Me Wanna Shop

Friday, April 22, 2011 | Away We Go, Campaigns, Bandeau Dress, fashion, Honeymoon, Kate Middleton, Lace, news, prints, Royal Wedding, Summer

Shutterstock_24395872 Though nobody knows who is designing Kate Middleton’s wedding gown or where she and Prince William will be going for their honeymoon, reporters and royal wedding fanatics can speculate on Middleton’s shopping trip at King’s Road this week. While shopping at the mid-market chain store, Warehouse, the bride-to-be purchased a feather print one- shoulder dress, a tropical print sundress, a lace-trimmed blouse and a poppy bandeau dress. This leads nosey Nellies to believe the newlyweds will be heading someplace tropical for their honeymoon, and that makes me want to go shopping for summer!

Middleton is quickly becoming a fashion icon, and her summer tastes are right on point. Summer is a season where fashion can be playful, with wild prints, lots of color, fun accessories and flowing pieces to optimize enjoyment of sunshine and summer breezes.  One-shoulder sundresses and gowns are all the rage, and you can never go wrong with a bandeau-style dress in the heat of the season.  Linen blouses look and feel fabulous with a skirt or some lightweight slacks, and don’t forget to finish off any summer look with scandalous sandals and a big, beautiful bag!

Well, I have to agree that it looks like Kate and William will be heading someplace sunny for their honeymoon. For Middleton’s sake, I sure hope so, since those lovely summer threads would not be nearly as cute and comfy at a snowy destination!