Sheer, Natural Lips with Lipstick Stains and Glosses

Thursday, April 21, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, product highlights

IStock_000000252804Large A natural look doesn’t necessarily mean disavowing makeup altogether; rather you should strive to choose cosmetics that will enhance your natural features, making it look as though you aren’t wearing them when you really are. When it comes to lip treatments, this involves choosing colors which are very light and close in shade to your own natural hues. 

The first step to achieving a healthy, natural lip color look is to prepare the skin. After washing thoroughly, apply a lip moisturizer, like Mineral Lip Revival, to help to remove excess skin flakes and volumize the mouth, giving it a full and plump look.

Lip stain, also known as lipstick stain, is different from traditional lipstick in that it doesn’t contain wax. Rather, it semi-permanently stains the lips, giving them a deep color which can last for as long as twelve hours.

The advantage of lip stain for achieving a sheer, natural look is that the coloring agent soaks into the lips making it look like a natural part of the skin’s coloration. However, the problem with lip stain is that it alters the look of your skin, adding color which is not natural to a person’s complexion.

Gloss_sticks A more natural-looking alternative to lip stains are gloss sticks, like Pür Minerals Petal Pout Lip Gloss Sticks. Long-lasting and easy to apply, gloss sticks give you greater tinting control, allowing you to add a sheer shine to your mouth or just a hint with a dab of color. This gives you the look of having full, pampered lips, without having to coat them in thick, caked-on lipstick or semi-permanent dye stain solutions.