Application Tips for Putting on Lipstick

Monday, March 28, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, product highlights

Lipstick is always the final touch to the perfect look, and while there’s no definitive method to putting on lipstick, we can offer a few suggestions to perfect your application technique.

Lipsticks Insiders know that the secret to getting your lip color to stay on longer is to brush a bit of powder onto the lips before adding the lipstick itself. Because all Pür Minerals lipsticks have hydrating ingredients, you won’t have to worry about your lips drying out.

There are a multitude of Pür MineralsMineral Shea Butter Lipstick shades to choose from. A tip for selecting shades: if you need to downplay a yellowish tint to your teeth, try choosing something with a bluish undertone, like Pink Diamond, Frosted Tilasite or Raspberry Quartz.

Most women apply lipstick straight from the tube, but applying with a lipstick brush gives you more precise coverage, filling in areas that a quick swipe won’t reach. Lining your lips with a complementary Mineral Lip Pencil is a great way to ensure that you fill in the entire lip area without going outside your natural lip line. Filling in your lip with a lip liner will also help your lipstick color stay on longer.

Using a Mineral Lip Pencil, line the top lip from the center and follow the line of the lip in downward strokes. Pür Tip: to make thin lips look fuller, hug the very outside edge; for overly plump lips, keep well within the edges for a slimmer effect. Then, using a Lip Brush, apply an even coat of mineral lipstick. Remember to lightly blot away excess product when finished.

Pür Tip: If you’re planning on spending the day in the sun, try a lip tint with SPF like Pür MineralsMineral Lip Tint, which has an SPF of 15, to protect you from the outdoor elements.