C’mon, Guys! Moisturize!

Thursday, February 24, 2011 | Things We Love, Tips & How-Tos, application tips, dry skin, macho, Men, men's skincare, moisturizer, mud masque, product highlights, shaving, skincare

Shutterstock_2993612 Women like to have soft, clean, smooth skin, but what about the guys? The world of skin creams and facials may not seem rough, tough and manly, but c’mon, dudes. Skin is skin, and males have just as many skin threats and problems as we ladies do. There are skincare lines geared toward men, but it can be awkward and confusing to pick the right products. My husband will complain about skin issues and potential aging to me, and I’ll say “Well, maybe you should use this,” as I hand him one of my moisturizers, cleansers or serums.  Well, gentlemen, I’m going to do the same for you, because even macho men should have great skin!


What are you cleaning your face with? If you are using leftover  shampoo lather or your deodorizing soap, stop! Please, stop. Do you  really think it’s a great idea to wash your face with the same soap you scrub your armpits with? Try using a  facial cleanser, like Pür Minerals Mineral Wash or Revitalizing Facial Wash to gently soothe skin and wash away impurities without drying you out.


Extra hot showers and shaving can cause flaky, irritated, tight and dry skin. Everybody—and I mean everybody—needs to adopt a moisturizing routine. You gain so much from a daily moisturizer, and you can multitask with a product like Day Complex SPF 20. Just gently rub this cream onto your face, and you have hydrated your skin, combated signs of aging and protected your face from harmful UV rays. Yes, it’s that easy.

PurBalm While I’m on the subject of multitasking skincare, why not carry Pür Balm with you? This way, you can treat chapped lips, and you can use it on dry elbows and cuticles. Peeled lips and gnarly fingernails are definitely a turnoff for the ladies.

Extra Credit

If you enjoy hopping on the skin care train, perhaps you’ll want to take things a bit further. You can’t go Shutterstock_3778558wrong using a treatment like the Pür Mineral Mudd Masque to detoxify your face. Get better skin in your  sleep using a moisturizer like Mineral Moisture Complex at night. If dark eye circles and fine lines are beginning to bug you, try an eye serum like Tone Up to reduce roughness, puffiness and discoloration.

All the products I mentioned pack a healthy punch without smelling or looking sissy, so don’t be afraid to show your softer, smoother side, guys! The ladies will thank you for it!