Dramatic Effects with Eye Makeup

Friday, December 31, 2010 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Shutterstock_14221186 Nothing turns heads like a dramatic eye look. One of the first places to start making your eye makeup dramatic is with the eyebrows. Try using the 3-in-1 Universal Mineral Makeup Pencil to darken and accentuate your natural brow line. Adding an artificial arch to straight brows or highlighting your existing arch can give you that dramatic effect you’re looking for. (Not to mention you can use the same pencil later as an eyeliner!)

A good way to get a dramatic effect with eye shadow is to use a variety of colors. Start off by applying our Mineral Light sheer pressed powder to the entire eye, from lash to brow. This will give you a highlighting effect and a smooth base to start with.

Next you’ll need at least two, ideally three, complimentary Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Colors. Blues, purples and greens are great for that dramatic flair. Use your lighter eye shadow near the lash line and blend it up along the lid. Then use the darker color in the crease to really make your eyes stand out.

A vital part of—and the final touch to—creating a dramatic look around your eyes is mascara. Our Triple Impact Mascara is perfect for that extra flair. You’ll need to apply several layers of mascara to really plump up those lashes, and the Pür Minerals mascara won’t clump up or drag as you reapply.