To Tan or Not to Tan

Friday, December 10, 2010 | Things We Love, product highlights

It’s been months since summer ended, and unless you’ve been jetting off to the tropics, that beach bronze tan is a fading memory. Literally. Which brings us to an interesting beauty dilemma: to tan or not to tan?

It’s no secret that a little sun warms up your complexion and livens up your look. But in the dead of winter, your options are limited, to say the least. With that in mind, do you surrender to pale skin or take matters into your own hands?

Self-Tanner At Pür Minerals, we believe in looking your natural best year round. That’s why we created Get a Little self-tanning lotion. Made with nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E, our award-winning formula looks like your own natural tan—never orange or streaky (no Jersey Shore comparisons here). Best of all, it’s a safe alternative to the dreaded electric beach, which—let’s be honest—isn’t fooling anyone.

What do you tell your friends when they ask how you’ve kept your summer glow? That’s up to you. Everyone at our office thinks we have a timeshare in St. Croix…

Pür Tip: for a longer-lasting glow, exfoliate with Pür Polish before applying self-tanner.