How to Create the Pür-fect Smoky Eye

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Classic yet modern, both elegant and edgy, the smoky eye is arguably the coolest thing that you can do with your makeup for fall. And this season, the beauty staple has returned with a street-chic, everyday appeal that’s great for day or night. Follow these simple steps to achieve the most fashionable of all eye looks.

1. Begin by moisturizing the delicate skin around your eyes. Use either your daily moisturizer or an eyelid primer to hydrate skin and prevent creping.

2. Next, line your upper lash line with a waterproof eye pencil. Start from the inside and work your way out, lining a little thicker in the middle. Lightly smudge your pencil strokes.

3. Blending is crucial when applying shadow. Use a soft, neutral shade, such as Pressed Mineral Shadow in Moon Pearl, to create a base. Apply over your entire lid up to your brow bone.

4. Starting at your lash line, apply a deep, bold shade, making sure to blend in with your eyeliner. Use the Crease Brush to blend the shadow into the crease of your eyelid with a sweeping motion.

5. For added depth and dimension, layer on another vibrant shadow shade into the crease and highlight the outer corners of your eyes. Blend upward for a smoky effect, but be sure to keep the darkest shades below the crease of the eye, especially during the day.

6. Finish off your smoky eyes with a lengthening, thickening mascara.

Remember to have fun with your look. Gray and black shadows and liners are perfect for a smoky eye, but you’re choices aren’t limited to these classic colours. Try deep brown and bronze shades to pull the look off during the day, or jewel tones like purple, green and blue to turn up the heat at night.