Dah-ling, You Look Mauve-lous

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | Tips & How-Tos, application tips

Shutterstock_2863669 The sixties truly were a Golden Age, not just for cinema but for beauty as well. Who can deny the smoldering sensuality of Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra cat eye? Or Sophia Loren’s exotic Old World allure? While both women commanded attention with strong, no-apologies looks, others wove their way into the cultural fabric through subtler means. Faye Dunaway comes to mind immediately. As the anti-heroine in Bonnie & Clyde, Dunaway was both jaded killer and jilted lover in the blink of one lilac-batted eye. For a look as award winning as her on-screen performance, we turn our sights to the multidimensional magic of vintage-inspired mauve shadows.

Step 1: Crease
To get this retro-ravishing look, start with Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Plum Slate. Using a Utility Brush, softly blend the colour into the crease.

Step 2: Eyelids
Using an Eye Shadow Brush, dust Lavender Mourite Pressed Mineral Shadow across eyelids and blend into crease colour.

Step 3: Brow
Next, sweep White Opal Pressed Mineral Shadow softly over brow bone with the Crease Brush to highlight. Be sure to blend colour into the corners of the eyes.

Step 4: Lashes
Line upper and lower lashes with the Black Amethyst Eye Pencil. Using the smudger, softly retrace the liner with Plum Slate shadow. Finish with a coat of Triple Impact Mascara to top and bottom lashes.